Our Troops

Troop Town Level Grade
Troop86215 Ipswich 2-Brownie 3
Troop78170 Ipswich 3-Junior 4
Troop65337 Ipswich 3-Junior 5
Troop75340 Ipswich 3-Junior 5
Troop66228 Ipswich 4-Cadette 6
Troop60028 Newbury 5-Senior 10
Troop60651 Newbury 6-Ambassador 12
Troop75341 Newbury 3-Junior 5
Troop66020 Newbury 5-Senior 9
Troop62657 Newbury 1-Daisy K
Troop62933 Newburyport 1-Daisy 1
Troop62899 Newburyport 1-Daisy 1
Troop60035 Newburyport 5-Senior 10
Troop72384 Newburyport 2-Brownie 2
Troop86214 Newburyport 2-Brownie 3
Troop72002 Newburyport 2-Brownie 3
Troop76218 Newburyport 3-Junior 4
Troop85332 Newburyport 3-Junior 5
Troop68177 Newburyport 3-Junior 5
Troop60464 Newburyport 4-Cadette 8
Troop63168 Newburyport 5-Senior 9
Troop62658 Newburyport 1-Daisy K
Troop62902 Newburyport 1-Daisy K
Troop66864 Rowley 5-Senior 10
Troop60725 Rowley 6-Ambassador 12
Troop79123 Rowley 2-Brownie 3
Troop75382 Rowley 3-Junior 5
Troop62087 Rowley 4-Cadette 8
Troop65442 Salisbury 3-Junior 4
Troop65123 Salisbury 4-Cadette 6
Troop65341 Salisbury 5-Senior 9

Many troops are accepting new members and we are always happy to help you start a new troop!  Let us know how we can help.