About the Service Unit

Service Units are the Girl Scouts organizational level between the troop and the Council. Service Units are volunteer led and typically serve several hundred girls belonging to many different troops in a particular geographical area. The quality of Girl Scouting within each Service Unit is overseen by a group of adult volunteers that make up the Service Team.

Service Unit Volunteer roles include:

Service Unit Manager
Manage the service unit membership (girls and their caregivers, and volunteers) throughout the Girl Scout troop year by coordinating regular meetings, promoting and communicating council initiatives and objectives, and providing guidance and support to service unit members. Works with the Membership Promoter to recruit and maintain a service team of volunteers.  Plans, organizes, and directs the work of the service team.  Ensures that girls and adults are recruited, organized into troops and registered on time.  Ensures that leaders receive on-going support throughout the year.  Plans the agenda and presides at service unit and service team meetings. Ensures that volunteers are updated on service unit and council news and events. Ensures that individuals are recognized in the service unit. Ensures that the service nit is represented at Council recognition meetings.  Works within the service unit and the community to promote a positive attitude toward Girl Scouting. Maintains continuous communication with Town Coordinators on progress and needs of troops. Actively supports GSEMA and Girl Scouts of the USA policies, standards, and procedures.

GSEMA Regional Delegate(s)

Represent your area as a member of the council’s governance system. In this role you will serve as your area’s voice at the Annual Meeting (held in the Spring) and at quarterly meetings.

Town Coordinators

Support the troop leaders within a town throughout the Girl Scout troop year by promoting and communicating Town and Service Unit initiatives and objectives,  providing guidance and support to troop leaders and organizing multi-troop Town events including Bridging ceremonies, parade attendance, community service activities, occasional meetings, recruiting events, registration reminders, and activity announcements.


Record and share the information provided at local meetings to ensure that all troops are kept well informed of current news, events, activities, and opportunities in the area.

Maintain and oversee the service unit’s finances including the service unit bank account(s), and assist troops with their financial responsibilities.

Membership Promoter
Promote membership in Bayberry through the recruitment and retention of girls and volunteers in the service unit.  Working in partnership with council staff, help identify opportunities in your local community to increase participation in Girl Scouts and the overall engagement of troops.

New Troop Leader Mentor
Conduct Troop Pathway Orientations for new volunteers within the service unit in one-on-one or small group settings. Manage annual Volunteer Recognitions.  Welcome, engage, and advise first and second year co-leaders through one-on-one support and guidance. Help new troops find meeting space and set up bank accounts.  Work with the Membership Promoter to recruit girls to join new troops.  Recruit and support the mentors for new troop leaders welcome and engage new co-leaders who can share their knowledge and experience and lend valuable one-on-one support to a new co-leader.

Community Relations Coordinator

Spread the good news about all the great things Girl Scouts and volunteers are doing in the community to local media outlets and over social media.   Coordinate service unit publicity and media coverage efforts with GSEMA.  Develop, coordinate and manage social media pages, platforms, etc. for the service unit. Assist service unit team members with marketing related to programs, events, recruitment, etc. Be knowledgeable and provide guidance to service team and troops on Girl Scout branding and logo standards. Design flyers and advertising materials as needed and/or in collaboration with other service team members. Promote and encourage troop leaders to submit information for media releases in your community.  Submit information and digital photographs to the Girl Scout council for highlighting in GSEMA publications.

Product Sales Program Manager

Implement Product Sales Program strategies and procedures and serves as support to troop Fall Product Sales and Cookie Managers.  Promote the sales, providing support, and managing the details of the sale for your area.  Plan an event to promote the Fall Sale and help troops earn startup funds for the year as well as an event to promote the annual Cookie Sale and help girls learn selling safety tips, boost their sales, and understand the benefits of participating in the sale.  Recruit Cookie Cupboard Coordinator to house and distribute cookies during the annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale.  Recruit Cookie Booth Coordinator to help troops reach their cookie sale goals and boost their sales by developing and fostering relationships with local businesses willing to allow Girl Scout cookie booths at their locations.

Girl Representative(s)

Represent girl interests in service unit programs.

High Award Mentor

Provide local girl learning opportunities to increase knowledge of the Girl Scout Bronze,
Silver, and Gold Awards.  Mentor troops and individual girls as they pursue earning Awards.  Can be trained to offer LiA, Program Aide, and VIT training.

Outdoor Program Manager

Encourage troop/group camping, promote council sponsored outdoor programs, help prepare troops for camping, promote resident camp, facilitate troop leader camping training, plans outdoor skills events and service unit encampments.